Frequently Asked Questions

What is Activate My Side Hustle Now?

We are a Service Management Company that specialize in LIVE EXCLUSIVE DIRECT AUTOMATED      ROUTED SERVICE INQUIRY CALLS for Local Businesses. Our partners market directly to Local  Homeowners and sell those service inquiries directly to Home-Based Service Professionals through  our platform with their custom business rules such as caller’s area codes, zip codes, and whisper  messages (letting your Service Providers know that call is being processed by our platform allowing  them to choose to accept or not. Instantly through our Automated Advanced Smart Direct Call      Routing Platform, they are billed via prepay within our system. Our system does all the Heavy Lifting,    it manages everything.

After signing up for Activate My Side Hustle Now, your Tradesmen will get connected from customers  and potential customers from our automated system, at which time the call is tracked and recorded  through our call routing software. Based on the custom business rules. If your Tradesmen get  connected and have a conversation with the customer that meets the success duration time frame,  that is set up in the custom business rules, they will be charged a fee. To receive Service Inquiries,  they will be required to Prepay via Credit Card through our "self-serve" PAYWALL. After signing up  with Activate My Side Hustle Now, they will simply log in to their account and can add funds for Service Inquiry purchases 24/7. Remember, that they only pay when they have had a real Service Inquiry from a customer through our system. This is known as our Pay Per Service Inquiry™ Advertising


 Pricing That Makes Sense


Our Partners pricing is simple, we provide you your first Advertising Call to Action Number, and Zip Code to advertise your Home Service Provider Business Category absolutely Free, for every      additional Advertising Call to Action Number/s, and or Zip Code/s, for your Business Service          Category’s, it is an additional nominal fee of $2.25 each per month.

Our Tradesmen pricing is designed to produce the best ROI (return on investment) for our Tradesmen business and allow us to contribute to their business' growth by helping them generate Service Inquiry’s & Build Stronger Customer Bases.  We will never lock your Tradesmen into a contract subscription — they can pause or cancel their service at any time.

They only pay $25 per valid exclusive call for a caller who is looking for a service they offer, and that is it. There are no setup fees, service fees, or other fees of any kind, to run a Live Campaign, the minimum budget in their prepay account should be at least $25 to cover a call.

What is a Service Inquiry call?

Valid calls are calls from people who are searching for the specific services you offer. This includes people who are shopping around and asking for prices, but would never include someone who is outside your service area, a job seeker, a marketing company or looking for anything that is not a service you told us you offer through your business custom rules.


How can Activate My Side Hustle Now help my Tradesmen?

Activate My Side Hustle Now can help your Tradesmen connect with consumers who are looking for their services!

Is there a fee to use Activate My Side Hustle Now?

Yes, but only when your Tradesmen has a verified Service Inquiry with a consumer through the Activate My Side Hustle Now system. This is known as our Pay Per Service Inquiry™ Advertising model, and since our system records every conversation, we can verify if your company has had a real conversation with the consumer. Activate My Side Hustle Now give your Tradesmen access instantly to talk live to the consumer, no third-party transfer!



Does my Tradesmen Pay a Fee if they choose not to respond to a Service Inquiry Request?

Nope! Activate My Side Hustle Now, only charges a fee when your Tradesmen has a conversation with a consumer.

How will Service Inquiry Requests be Broadcast to my Tradesmen?

Activate My Side Hustle Now direct route calling phone calls to broadcast service inquiries.

How will my Tradesmen be connected to the consumer?

Our Activate My Side Hustle Now, route calling software will route the call directly to your Tradesmen number where they will have the option to talk to the consumer about the Service Inquiry in real time.

How can my Tradesmen be sure that the connections they pay for are of high quality?

Your Tradesmen can review every Service Inquiry by logging into their account and listen to any Service Inquiry routed calls they had with any consumer and verify the request was of high quality. Remember that they only pay when they have had a real Service Inquiry with a consumer through our system, also known as our Pay Per Service Inquiry™ Advertising model. Also see our no hassle refund policy.

Will my Tradesmen still be charged if the consumer chooses not to do business with them?

Yes, we charge for each valid Service Inquiry. Keep in mind that your Tradesmen accepts every Service Inquiry before we connect them to the consumer. Therefore, closing a customer and earning their business is completely in their hands.

How much will my Tradesmen be charged for each accepted Service Inquiry Request?

We use a static $25 fee pricing model for each of our Live Call Service Inquiries, our pricing model take into account the Customers Life-Time Value which is a prediction of the net profit attributed to the entire future relationship with that customer. Which brings down your Tradesmen customer acquisition cost per customer. Plus, as an additional savings to your Tradesmen, we give them a huge Discount with our 1-2-FREE offer. EVERY 3RD SERVICE INQUIRY ON US. It is as easy as 1-2-FREE - Seriously

Will my Tradesmen be one of many that will connect with the consumer?

No. The Service Inquiry is Exclusive to your Tradesmen. Activate My Side Hustle Now, only connects each Service Inquiry to one Tradesmen. So, make sure they give them their best offer.

What determines the order in which the Tradesmen will receive the consumer phone call versus that of a competitor?

Your Partner Custom Set Business Rules will determine the order in which the Tradesmen will receive the consumer phone call. This is totally up to you as the Partner. Activate My Side Hustle Now, allows you to score your Tradesmen, which can be calculated based on their current status, consumer ratings, analytics that track how often they accept and have conversations with consumers, and other metrics, such as active status, new ratings and reviews from consumers and other analytics that you can monitor or as Partner you can employ Round Robin Assignment via your custom business rules that allows you to equally distribute new Service Inquiry's without having to manually assign them using a rotation that equal distributes your Service Inquiry's to each Tradesmen assign to that zip code/s. Remember, only Funded Accounts are considered Active.

Will there be a way to Track How Many Service Inquiry Requests my Tradesmen has accepted?

Yes. Once logged in, there is an activity page where your Tradesmen can view all the Service Inquiry Requests, they have accepted.


Does my Tradesmen have to Pay in Advance for Service Inquiry Requests?

Yes. Activate My Side Hustle Now does require your company to prepay. There are two methods of payment:

1.  Pay as You Go: Their credit card will be charged for each validated Service Inquiry. 


2.  Auto-Recharge: Their credit card will initially be charged to the Auto Recharge amount they select. For each Service Inquiry,      their balance will be depleted by their validated Service Inquiry charge amount. When their account balance  reaches the minimum that they also select, they will be recharged to the Auto Recharge amount.

Are there any spending requirements or a minimum contract length?


NO! There is never a minimum spending commitment when you sign up with Activate My Side Hustle Now. There is not a minimum contract length or other 'lock-in' rules that apply. You may cancel or pause their account at any time for any reason. Remember, to run a Live Campaign, the minimum budget in their prepay account should be at least $25 to cover a call.

How many Service Inquiry Requests can my Tradesmen Expect?

The number of Service Inquiry Requests your Tradesmen gets depends on the Service Inquiry demand for their services in their Local Area and their Marketing Efforts. Keep in mind there is no commitment and no monthly fees. If we do not have any Service Inquires with consumers who are in need of their services through our system, they pay nothing. Remember, Marketing Assistance is available on demand.

What number will these calls come from?

Your Tradesmen will receive, Service Inquiries from their Business Category Call to Action Advertised Number/s.

What is your refund policy?

Activate My Side Hustle Now never charges Tradesmen unless they opt into and have a live conversation with a customer, who matches their Preferred Location, Schedule, and Job Preferences. We have a team monitoring and reviewing each Routed Call Service Inquiry to ensure that it meets the in-place Business Custom Rules Standard before charging any of our clients. If Tradesmen have been wrongfully charged for a call. 

Please call us at (678) 964-1075 or email us at: and provide us the invoice# for the request and we will review it again. If our record verifies that you were wrongfully charged, we will issue a refund or offer you a credit for their next service inquiry.

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